La Petite Pépinière

de Caunes-Minervois





The garden is open to visitors by appointment. You are welcome to come and sit in the meadow areas or the orchard and bring a picnic. 

Guided visits can also be arranged: please just ask. 



004 Meadow


When we bought this property in 1995, the land had been used to grow melons, apples and potatoes at different times, but had been left fallow for more than 10 years. It is now a beautiful established garden that surrounds La petite pépinière plant nursery. 


The garden is situated in Caunes-Minervois village on the road to Citou, adjacent to the river Argent-Double; it is south facing and partly protected from the wind by hills, although we are in a frost pocket. 


We have lovely, rich alluvial soil but with some pockets of sand & gravel resulting from the 1999 floods. Even when the river dries in summer, established plants are never far from the water table. However, after the first couple of summers, plants are either never watered or watered very occasionally during July and August. 


There are many different species and varieties of plants that have been tested for the local climate and which provide stock and display plants for the nursery. 


You will see:* 


Collections of Salvias (sages), Cistus, Teucriums and Oreganos among others

Mature trees and shrubs

An area of ornamental grasses

Different borders of plants that come from the Mediterranean basin and other Mediterranean and summer dry climate regions of the world, including a collection of Agavaceae and Nolinaceae

A new dry shade border

An experimental mixed border of perennials, grasses and bulbs

Meadow areas and a small orchard

The ‘lawn’ is a mixture of couch grass and weeds that we mow as a lawn alternative. We leave some areas as perennial meadow areas – cutting them just once a year in late summer, which allows indigenous plants to self-sow. We are very happy that six species of orchids have established themselves in the meadow areas.


*(See below for a list of the plants in the garden.) 


We welcome visitors to the garden with no obligation to buy. Please come and enjoy the space and observe which plants work in the harsh conditions of a Mediterranean climate. 



001 Melia Avenue



The plants in the garden: 



A - G


H - R


S - Z








Abelia 'Edward Goucher' 


Helichrysum ‘Miel et Curry’


Saccharum ravennae


Abelia biflora


Helichrysum orientale


Salix matsudana tortuosa


Abelia chinensis


Helichrysum splendidum


Salvia Alegria


Abelia engleriana


Helictotrichon sempervirens


Salvia Anthony Parker


Abelia triflora


Helleborus 'Silver Frost'


Salvia argentea


Abelia x grandiflora 


Helleborus argutifolius


Salvia Argentine Skies


Abelia x grandiflora prostrata 


Helleborus bocconei


Salvia azurea


Abutilon 'Suntense'


Helleborus purpureus


Salvia Bees Bliss


Abutilon megapotamicum 


Helleborus x sternii


Salvia blepharophylla


Abutilon pictum


Hermodactylus tuberosa


Salvia Bleu Armor


Acanthus mollis


Hertia cheirifolia


Salvia Blue Chiquita


Acer campestre


Hesperaloe funifera


Salvia buchananii


Acer monspessulanum


Hesperaloe parviflora


Salvia California Sunset


Acer negundo


Heteromeles arbutifolia


Salvia canariensis


Achillea coarctata


Hibiscus syriacus 'Blue Bird'


Salvia candelabrum


Achillea crithmifolia


Hypericum aegypticum


Salvia Cerise


Achillea umbellata


Hypericum olympicum


Salvia Cerro Potosi


Acnistus arborescens


Hypericum tomentosum


Salvia chamaedrioides


Acnistus australis


Hyssopus officinalis


Salvia chamaedrioides argentea


Acnistus australis alba


Hyssopus officinalis White


Salvia chamaedrioides x microphylla


Agapanthus praecox


Salvia chiapensis


Agastache aurantiaca


I, J, K


Salvia chionophylla


Agastache rupestris


Ipomea learii


Salvia curviflora


Ajania pacifica 


Iris chamaeiris


Salvia Dancing Dolls


Akebia quinata


Iris foetidissima


Salvia darcyii


Allium christophii


Iris japonica


Salvia Devantville


Allium tuberosum 


Iris unguicularis


Salvia discolor


Aloe aristata


Jaborosa integrifolia


Salvia dolichantha


Aloe saponaria


Jasminium officinale


Salvia El Durazno


Aloe striatula


Jasminium primulinum


Salvia fruticosa


Aloysia triphylla


Jasminum humile


Salvia Furmans Red


Amelanchier canadensis


Jasminum parkeri


Salvia greggii


Amicia zygomeris


Jasminum polyanthemum


Salvia greggii alba


Ampelodesmos mauritanicus


Juniperus pfitzeriana aurea


Salvia greggii x serpyllifolia


Amsonia orientalis


Juniperus phoenicea


Salvia guaranantica


Amsonia tabernaemontana


Kniphofia sarmentosa


Salvia hankeii


Anisodontea malvastroides


Kolwitzia amabilis


Salvia Hot Lips


Aptenia cordifolia


Salvia Icing Sugar


Arbutus andrachne




Salvia interrupta


Arbutus unedo


Lagerstroemia chengkianensis


Salvia involucrata Boutin


Arbutus texana


Lagerstroemia indica


Salvia involucrata Joan


Artemesia arbrotanum


Laurus nobilis


Salvia involucrata Mulberry Jam


Artemesia glacialis


Lavandula × chaytorae 'Richard Gray' 


Salvia Kentish Pink


Artemesia lanata


Lavandula × chaytorae 'Silver Frost' 


Salvia La Luna


Asphodeline lutea


Lavandula dentata


Salvia La Siesta


Asphodelus fistulosus


Lavandula dentata candicans


Salvia lavandulifolia


Aspidistra elatior


Lavandula intermedia 'Alba'


Salvia lavandulifolia vellereana


Aster oblongifolius


Lavandula intermedia 'Dutch'


Salvia leucantha


Azara serrata


Lavandula intermedia 'Grappenhall'


Salvia leucantha Purple Velvet


Lavandula intermedia 'Grosso'


Salvia leucophylla




Lavandula intermedia 'Hidcote Giant'


Salvia Los Lirios


Ballota acetabulosa


Lavandula intermedia 'Impress Purple'


Salvia lycioides


Ballota pseudodictamnus


Lavandula intermedia 'Nizza'


Salvia Maraschino


Bauhinia yunnanensis


Lavandula lanata


Salvia Maroon


Bellamcanda chinensis


Lavandula stoechas - var. forms


Salvia Mauve


Berberis julianae


Lepechinia bella


Salvia Melen


Beschorneria septentrionalis


Lepechinia hastata


Salvia Moonlight Serenade


Beschorneria yuccoides 


Leucojum aestivum


Salvia multicaulis


Bletilla striata


Leucophyllum 'Green Goddess'


Salvia My Spires


Buddleja 'Lochinch'


Leucophyllum frutescens


Salvia Navajo Rose Clair


Buddleja agathosma


Leucophyllum langmaniae


Salvia Navajo Salmon


Buddleja alternifolia


Ligustrum vulgare


Salvia officinalis


Buddleja crispa


Lilium candidum


Salvia officinalis Bergaten


Buddleja globosa


Limoniastrum monopetalum carnaval


Salvia officinalis Icterina


Buddleja lindleyana


Liriope muscari


Salvia officinalis purpurascens


Buddleja officinalis


Liriope muscari White


Salvia Pale Orange


Buddleja salignifolia


Lobelia laxiflora 


Salvia Pat Vlasto


Buddleja salvifolius


Lobelia x speciosa 'Vedrariensis' 


Salvia Penny’s Smile


Bulbine frutescens


Salvia Peter Vidgeon


Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark'




Salvia Phyllis Fancy


Bupleurum fruticosum


Macfadyena unguis-cati


Salvia Pleasant Pink


Malvastrum lateritium


Salvia pomifera




Mandevillea laxa


Salvia Purple Haze


Caesalpinia decapetala


Matricaria tchihatchewii


Salvia Purple Queen


Caesalpinia gilliesii


Melia azedarach


Salvia Raspberry Royale


Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'


Melianthus comosus


Salvia regla


Calamagrostis brachytricha


Melianthus major


Salvia Ribambelle


Callirhoe involucrata


Melianthus villosum


Salvia roemeriana


Callistemon citrinus


Melissa officinalis


Salvia Royal Bumble


Callistemon laevis


Micromeria fruticosa


Salvia San Carlos Festival


Callistemon rigida


Miscanthus 'Cabaret'


Salvia semiatrata


Callistemon violacea


Miscanthus 'Cosmopolitan'


Salvia Silas Dyson


Callistemon viridiflorus


Miscanthus 'Dronning Ingrid'


Salvia Silkes Dream


Campanula muralis


Miscanthus 'Morning Light'


Salvia St Jean de Beauregard


Campanula persicifolia alba


Miscanthus 'Saturnio'


Salvia stolonifera


Campsis 'Dancing Flame’


Miscanthus 'Silberfeder'


Salvia Stormy Pink


Campsis 'Indian Summer'


Miscanthus 'Yaku-Jima'


Salvia Summer Snow


Caryopteris incana 'Blue Myth'


Miscanthus gracillimus


Salvia Sungold


Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Kew Blue'


Morus alba


Salvia Trebah


Cassia candolleana


Muhlenbergia cappilaris 


Salvia Trenance


Cassia floribunda


Muhlenbergia lindheimeri


Salvia Trewithen


Catalpa bignonioides


Myrsine africana


Salvia uliginosa


Catanache caerulea


Myrtus communis


Salvia Valerie


Ceanothus 'Concha'


Myrtus communis tarentina


Salvia Violette


Ceanothus 'skylark'


Salvia Violette de la Loire


Ceanothus 'Trewithen Blue'




Salvia Violin Music


Ceanothus arboreus


Nandina domestica


Salvia Waverly


Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens


Nandina domestica 'Firepower'


Salvia Wendy’s Wish


Cedrus libani


Nepeta tuberosa


Salvia Wild Watermelon


Celtis australis


Nepeta x faassenii 'Six Hills Giant'


Salvia x Allen Chickering


Celtis occidentalis


Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low'


Salvia x jamensis


Centaurea bella


Nerine bowdenii


Salvia x westerae


Centaurea cineraria


Nerium oleander 'Album Maximum'


Santolina chamaecyparissus


Ceratonia siliqua


Nerium oleander 'Album Plenum'


Santolina lindavica


Ceratostigma griffithii


Nerium oleander 'Barcelona'


Santolina neopolitana


Ceratostigma plumbaginoides


Nerium oleander 'Cavalaire'


Santolina rosmarinifolius


Ceratostigma willmottianum


Nerium oleander 'Eugenia Fowler'


Santolina viridis


Cercis canadensis


Nerium oleander 'Framboise'


Sapindus mukorossi


Cercis chinensis


Nerium oleander 'Gen. Pershing'


Sarcococca confusa


Cercis occidentalis


Nerium oleander 'Louis Pouget'


Sarcococca hookeri


Cercis siliquastrum


Nerium oleander 'Luteum Plenum'


Sarcopoterium spinosum


Cestrum aurantiacum


Nerium oleander 'Mrs Roeding'


Satureja montana


Cestrum parqui


Nerium oleander 'Prof. Granel


Scilla peruviana


Chilopsis linearis 


Nerium oleander 'Provence'


Sedum 'Bertram Anderson'


Chimonanthus praecox


Nerium oleander 'Roseum Plenum'


Sedum 'Black Beauty'


Chitalpa x tashkentensis


Nerium oleander 'Soeur Agnes'


Sedum 'Black Jack'


Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'


Nerium oleander 'Tamoure'


Sedum 'Citrus Twist'


Choisya ternata


Nolina matapensis


Sedum 'El Cid'


Cistus × florentinus 'Tramontane'


Nolina microcarpa


Sedum 'Iceberg'


Cistus albidus


Nolina nelsonii


Sedum 'Joyce Henderson'


Cistus atriplicifolius


Sedum 'Matrona'


Cistus halimifolius




Sedum 'Moonlight Serenade'


Cistus heterophyllus


Olea europea


Sedum 'Ruby Glow'


Cistus ladanifer


Ophiopogon japonicus


Sedum pachyclados


Cistus laurifolius


Origanum 'Kent Beauty'


Sedum palmeri


Cistus libanotis


Origanum calcaratum


Sedum sieboldii


Cistus monspeliensis


Origanum dictamnus


Sedum spectabile 'Brilliant'


Cistus salvifolius


Origanum dubium


Senecio cineraria


Cistus x aguilarii


Origanum laevigatum


Senecio leucostachys


Cistus x arg. 'Blushing Peggy Sammons'


Origanum laevigatum 'Amethyst Falls'


Sesleria caerulea


Cistus x corbariensis


Origanum laevigatum 'Bristol Cross'


Sesleria nitida


Cistus x escartianus 


Origanum laevigatum 'Dingle Fairy'


Sideritis cypria


Cistus x heterocalyx 'Chelsea Bonnet'


Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'


Sisyricnchium macrocarpa


Cistus x ledon


Origanum laevigatum 'Hopleys'


Sisyrinchium palmifolium


Cistus x nigricans


Origanum laevigatum 'Nymphenburg'


Sisyrinchium striatum


Cistus x pulverulentus


Origanum laevigatum 'Pilgrim'


Sisyrinchium striatum variegata


Cistus x pulverulentus gr. delilei 'Fiona'


Origanum laevigatum 'Soledad'


Solanum bonariense


Cistus x purpureus


Origanum syriacum


Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin'


Cistus x purpureus 'Alan Fradd'


Osmanthus x burkwoodii


Solanum jasminoides album


Cistus x ralletii


Solanum rantonettii


Cistus x skanbergii


P, Q


Solanum rantonettii 'Royal Robe'


Cistus x tephreus


Paliurus spina-christi


Sollya fusiformis


Cistus x verguinii 'Paul Pecherat'


Panicum virgatum


Sophora japonica


Clematis 'Black Prince'


Paulownia tomentosa


Sophora macrocarpa


Clematis 'Mme.Julia Correvon


Pavonia hastata


Sorbus domestica


Clematis armandii


Pavonia missionum


Stachys cretica


Clematis cirrhosa 'Freckles'


Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Red Head'


Sternbergia lutea


Clematis cirrhosa 'Wisley Cream'


Pennisetum orientale


Stipa gigantea


Clematis venosa lilacina


Pennisetum orientale 'Karley Rose'


Stipa tenuifolia


Cneorum tricoccum


Pennisetum orientale 'Tall Tails'


Styrax officinalis


Colquhounia coccinea


Pennisetum villosum


Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'


Colutea arborescens


Penstemon 'Husker's Red'


Convolvulus mauritanicus


Penstemon eatonii


T, U


Corokia sp.


Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Blue Spires'


Tagetes lemmonii


Coronilla glauca 


Phillyrea angustifolia


Tanacetum balsamita


Corylus avellana


Phillyrea latifolia


Tanacetum densum


Cotinus coggygria


Phlomis caballeroi 


Tanacetum niveum


Cotula fallax


Phlomis cashmiriana


Teucrium ackermanii


Cyclamen coum


Phlomis chrysophylla


Teucrium aureum


Cyclamen graecum


Phlomis cretica


Teucrium chamaedryoides


Cyclamen hederifolium


Phlomis fruticosa


Teucrium cossonii


Cynara cardunculus


Phlomis italica


Teucrium divaricatum


Cytisus battandieri


Phlomis leucophracta


Teucrium flavum


Phlomis longifolia


Teucrium fruticans




Phlomis lycia


Teucrium fruticans 'Azureum'


Dahlia imperialis


Phlomis purpurea


Teucrium hircanicum


Danae racemosa


Phlomis purpurea 'Alba'


Teucrium lusitanicum


Dasylirion acotriche


Phlomis x cytherea


Teucrium polium


Dasylirion glaucophyllum


Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin'


Teucrium x lucidrys


Dasylirion leiophyllum


Phyla nodiflora


Thymbra spicata


Dasylirion longissimum


Pistacia lentiscus


Thymus (Moroccan Thyme) 


Dasylirion texanum


Pistacia terebinthus


Thymus 'Lemon Scented'


Dasylirion wheeleri


Pittosporum heterophyllum truncatum


Thymus 'Porlock'


Delosperma cooperi


Pittosporum tenuifolium


Thymus ciliatus


Dianthus anatolicus 


Pittosporum tobira


Thymus fragrantissimus


Dianthus carthusianorum


Pittosporum tobira 'Nana'


Thymus mastichina


Dianthus corsicus 


Pittospurum tenuifolium variegata


Thymus neicefferi


Dichondra argentea 'Silver Falls'


Plumbago capensis


Thymus polytrichus


Dichondra repens


Poliamintha longiflora


Thymus vulgaris


Dicliptera sub-erecta


Poncirus 'Flying Dragon'


Thymus x citriodorus


Dolichandra cynanchoides


Poncirus trifoliata


Tilia cordata


Dorycnium hirsutum


Prunus 'Kojo-no-mai'


Trachelospermum jasminoides


Dorycnium pentaphyllum


Prunus lusitanica


Tulbaghia leucantha


Doxantha capreolata


Prunus mahaleb


Tulbaghia violacea


Ptelea trifoliata


Umbellularia californica




Punica granata 'Luteum Plenum'


Ungnadia speciosa


Ebenus creticus


Punica granata var. nana


Echinops tienschanicum


Quercus ilex




Elaeagnus x ebbingei


Quercus rubra


Verbena bonariensis


Epilobium 'Sierra salmon'


Quercus suber


Verbena peruviana


Epilobium 'Western Hills'


Verbena venosa


Epilobium arizonica




Verbena venosa lilacina


Eragrostis curvula


Raphiolepsis x delacourii


Veronica spicata


Eragrostis elliottii


Rhamnus alaternus


Viburnum odoratissimum


Eragrostis spectabilis


Rhamnus alaternus variegata


Viburnum plicatum mariesii


Erigeron karvinskianus


Rhodanthemum catananche


Viburnum tinus


Eriobotrya japonica


Rhodanthemum gayanum


Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'


Eriogonum arborescens


Rhodanthemum hosmariense


Vinca difformis


Eriogonum fasciculatum


Romneya coulteri


Vinca minor


Eriogonum latifolium


Rosa 'Buff Beauty'


Viola labradorica


Erodium trifolium


Rosa 'Old Blush'


Viola odorata


Eryngium agavifolium


Rosa 'Penelope'


Vitex agnus-castus


Eryngium amethystinum


Rosa banksiae Lutea


Vitex agnus-castus album


Eryngium ebracteatum


Rosa chinensis Mutabilis


Vitex sinensis


Eryngium eburneum


Rosa chinensis sanguinea


Eryngium pandanifolium


Rosa Ghislaine de Féligonde


W, X, Y, Z


Euphorbia characias


Rosa x odorata

Rosa x odorata 'Mutabilis'


Yucca elata


Euphorbia myrsinites


Rosmarinus officinalis


Yucca faxoniana


Euphorbia polychroma


Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'


Yucca filimentosa 'Bright Edge'


Euphorbia rigida


Ruellia brittoniana


Yucca rostrata


Ruellia humilis


Yucca schidigera




Ruscus aculeatus


Zanthoxylum planispinum


Feijoa sellowiana


Ruscus hypoglossum


Zanthoxylum simulans


Festuca glauca


Russelia equisetiformis


Firmiana simplex


Ruta graveolens


Fouquieria splendens


Fraxinus ornus


Fremontodendron californicum




Gaillarda 'Burgundy'


Gaillarda 'Yellow'


Gaillarda aristata


Gaura 'Rosy Jane'


Gaura 'Summer Dream'


Gaura lindheimerii

Gelsemium sempervirens


Geranium 'Rambling Robin'


Geranium × cantabrigense 'Biokovo'


Geranium macrorrhizum


Geranium sanguineum


Geranium sanguineum album


Geranium sanguineum lancastriense


Geranium sanguineum var. striatum 


Gleditsia triacanthos inermis


Globularia alypum


Globularia vulgare


Goniolimon speciosum